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Letter: Ready for growth?

The only civilization between here and the West Coast is … Las Vegas … maybe? It’s what people say in Denver. To compound it more, a friend in Denver who has a house in the Carbondale area, still thinks that.

So this is a good example of relativism. People, whether they are in Denver or Western Colorado, think the same. It’s “Manifest Destiny”: go west, no bother for what’s in between.

Suppose some of the new influx to Denver got smart and discovered the Western Slope? It’s just “Manifest Destiny” that they do. The question is when, and will the Western Slope be prepared? “Prepared?” you ask. What does that mean? Go to South Denver along the 470 to I-25, turn south on 25 and get off at the next exit which is Lincoln Avenue. There before you is a Hampton Inn, just 100 yards away from the intersection, but to get to it is a several-mile route (unless you have been there before and know a more “direct” way). And so it is: To do any shopping in the area short of going to the mall, roads are all over the place.

Speculators rule, government kowtows to their needs. Developers are building tomorrow’s tenements today. It’s like the tail waging the dog.

So there are two things going on: One is attracting a populace, the second is being ready for the influx.

Thank God Black Monday of 1982 occurred. Oil shale would have wagged the dog, and growth would have been topsy-turvy. When money attracts people for work, it’s boom and bust, but if people attract people for people, the economy stabilizes and draws more and more people and more and more money. That’s a theory.

Agree or not, the bigger picture is that even though it’s thought the president overstepped when he said “government is the reason you didn’t make it on your own in business” (notice how it’s phrased in negative terms), government in any size, can either screw you up or make you a success. This is because government controls, as it should.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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