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Letter: Real life science fiction

I’m chuffed as peas that Colorado senators Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner have chosen to lie back and let Ajit Pai befoul the already murky waters of corporate communications politics. I was never really worried that they would stand up for Coloradans facing the direct aftermath of the monopolies and blatant consumer abuses caused by his money-grubbing policy changes, but that it is continuing to happen shows me their dedication to money over a properly governed country — I like that.

I read a lot of science fiction, and that the worst possible outcomes that have been written about – global flora/fauna die-off, corporate takeovers and rampant government corruption — are looming on our horizon gives me hope. Our senators’ tireless efforts at not combating these things means that we can all look forward to a future that is harsher and more terrifying than any generation has seen before. Thanks to them for making my future, and the future of my children and their children so dark.

P.S. Seriously, please take a stand against ivory trade in the U.S. Enough poachers are being rightly shot to death; think of their mothers.

Phebe Dehaan


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