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Letter: Really Lou?

Your “Just the facts” take sounds a lot more like “Just my opinion.” You have been elected by the citizens of Garfield County to be a public servant for all the citizens of our county.

I don’t agree with your recent statements, I don’t agree with your participation in the efforts to roll back the weapon magazine restrictions that the state legislature enacted, and I don’t agree with you maligning the people that disagree with you.

Speaking of folks who “pick and choose” the lives they think are important, I don’t need to hear it from a man who has decided to pick and choose which of the Ten Commandments he is going to obey. You don’t own the moral high ground, your preaching is hollow.

You’re my sheriff, for over 100 years and four generations my family has fully and timely paid property taxes in our wonderful county to support the functions of our local government, including the Sheriff’s Dept.

Please, just do your job. Hire in at Fox news if you want to rant. I’m sure you’ve done enough to get your contribution from the NRA, maybe even a personal note from Wayne.

Anthony Zarlingo


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