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Letter: Reconsider recycling move

I would like the City Council to reconsider the decision to close the “in-town” recycle center.

I feel that the information that the land swap would result in the closing of our recycle facility should have been given on the ballot at the time we voted. I think the vote to allow the city to swap the land may have been a different outcome.

Here are the unwanted results I fear will come from your decision to move recycling out of town:

1. A major decrease in recycling. Convenience is important for community success.

2. Negative environmental impact. More gas and highway miles to get to South Canyon and for those that won’t be able to make that drive, a landfill absorbing the not recycled nonbiodegradable trash.

3. It has been rumored that some trash services do not take recycle trash to a center but simply to the landfill. The recycle center made you feel secure that the trash was going to a proper facility.

4. The social aspect will change. It is a social “happening” in Glenwood. Every time I have been to recycle, there are lots of people. Folks greeting folks and feeling good about doing something positive for our community. And that our community is providing a great asset for us. Parents teaching kids to help out and that it is important to recycle your trash. The youth group getting involved and coming up to your car to help you carry your items to the bins. What a great thing for teenagers.

So please reconsider. I think this is an important service that citizens appreciate about our town. Even if you charge for every car that would come in, it would be better than no recycle center in town and less impact on our gridlocked roads while our bridge construction is going on.

Debbie Dawson
Glenwood Springs

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