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Letter: Reconsider Seventh Street decision

Did the four Glenwood Springs City Council members who voted to open the $2 million Festival Street or Seventh Street to vehicle traffic think about the first snowplow that will destroy all of that beautiful brick-work in one swipe? Or one diesel fuel spill could destroy the value and appearance of this beautiful street as well. 

The overall aesthetic value of the Festival Street will earn its weight in economic value for many years to come if the street stays closed. 

I have always admired the beauty of Glenwood Springs. I was hoping that they would keep the Festival Street free of vehicle traffic as part of their beautification of downtown Glenwood Springs. 

As one who spends a lot of time in Glenwood Springs, I found the vote to open this street to traffic very disappointing.

The mayor of Glenwood Springs and its citizens should request a motion to reconsider the previous vote.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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