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Letter: Recycling ideas

The city of Glenwood Springs recycling program was started about 15 years ago at the request of the citizens of Glenwood Springs and passed by a vote of the City Council at that time. While we can understand that the recycling center needs to be relocated, it is ridiculous in terms of time, fuel and money to ask citizens to drive all the way up to the South Canyon landfill to recycle.

I suggest that City Council consider relocating the recycling center by the airport where we already recycle our Christmas trees. This area has plenty of space, is located in town and can easily be accessed.

While it does cost the city some money to operate recycling due to the current low monetary value of materials such as aluminum, it is still the right thing to do. First of all, in comparison to the city’s overall budget, the cost to recycle is miniscule. Secondly, it is both ecologically and economically sound to “reduce, reuse and recycle” materials. People enjoy recycling and demonstrate the value of it through their actions. The amount of space recycling saves at the landfill alone (our ever-growing Mt. Garbage) is worth the monetary cost.

Down through the years each newly elected mayor and council leaves their legacy behind for future residents. Some councils, for example, have had the development of river trails or low-cost housing as their legacy. Does our current City Council want its legacy to be “the council that killed recycling?”

All that is needed to establish a new location for our recycling center is a little more time and energy on the part of our elected officials. A visit on any given day to our current recycling center is a witness to the overwhelming use and support for this program. Therefore, I would ask City Council and our mayor to consider finding a more accessible location in town such as near the airport for re-establishing our recycling center.

Joe Mollica
Glenwood Springs

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