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Letter: Red flag bill should be repealed

Let’s just say that this red flag bill is just that. It’s a red flag for civility. It’s the tail waging the dog. It’s wrong on several levels. First, it presumes guilt when no crime has been committed… not unlike a Tom Cruise movie. Second, it short-circuits good background checks. Third, it ignores suspicious activities that would trigger a legitimate investigation. Fourth, it is a “tell on your neighbor” law in secret that can run amuck beyond guns and lacks accountability.
You tell on your neighbor when you see unlawful or suspicious activities and let the police investigate. You don’t humiliate your neighbors anonymously. It’s not unlike harassing you neighbors with a SWAT team prank-call.
How Polis rationalized this one is a mystery, unless you know who’s whispering in his ear. This bill should be repealed or society will wither into a police state run by hypocrites.
Fred Stewart,
Grand Junction

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