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Letter: Regarding a photo ID

I ran out of patience last year, but now that enough time has passed, I may be able to discuss the matter without losing my temper.

Denied yet again, by a dysfunctional functionary of something called “Exceptions” within the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles.

Last time around, this person informed me by mail, that my DD2-14 was “mutilated.” I thought, as I was looking at my copy, “No it isn’t, can read (was awarded) Navy Expeditionary and Humanitarian medals just fine. In fact, the entire document was legible.

Now, it never, ever occurred to me I would one day become interested in learning how to file a lawsuit. But then, I never expected to be without the ability to get a payroll job because I have been repeatedly denied a simple photo ID.

For years, this has been going on. I can’t recall for sure how many times I have been to the DMV myself, and three different “sweethearts” from three different nonprofits have tried to help as well.

(There are many more causes of “homelessness” and reasons why it may be virtually impossible to come out of it than some of you seem to think … but that’s a subject for a different day. Or is it?)

So, probably not real soon, but I’m looking forward to seeing you in court “Exceptions.”

When the hell did I get to be an “exception?”

Better yet, why?

Let’s find out someday, shall we?

Keith R. Wayne

(just outside of) Glenwood Springs

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