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Letter: Regarding wolves

This issue was the subject of a presentation by groups promoting the reintroduction of wolves in Colorado at the Carbondale Middle School on Wednesday night. The speaker was from Montana and presented a very one-sided perspective. No one with an opposing view was given equal time. There was no discussion.

ACES hosted this evening as an education program. How educational can it be when only one side of the issue is discussed? I would have liked to hear what ranchers, outfitters, hunters, and representatives from Departments of Natural Resources in states like Idaho and Wyoming had to say, considering they have been dealing with reintroduced wolves and the problems they have caused for years.

Nor was there any mention of the economic impact on businesses that profit from hunters who would be less likely to come to Colorado because of the lack of big game caused by wolf predation.

This is an important issue and both sides should be heard.

Walt Krom

Glenwood Springs

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