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Letter: Remembering Bush’s ‘nice’ presidency, gentlemanly behavior

In the late 1970s when I lived in Oregon and served as Executive Director of the Oregon Republican Party, I was alerted by the Republican National Convention that George  Bush would be stopping in Portland with a young, skinny, aide (Karl Rove) assessing if he should run for president. My breakfast group of 20 local leaders that I had assembled  left our meeting with Rove learning that George Bush had too much eastern reserve for Oregonians. He was just too nice to run for president!

Later when I lived in Washington D.C. I received VIP tickets for my family at his inauguration in 1989. What a wonderful man. His “nice” presidency and gentlemanly behavior will always be in my memory  along with memories of  his wife Barbara. We remember her as a kind and gentle first lady as well. My flag will be at half-staff this week as a memorial.

Shirley Woodrow,

Glenwood Springs

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