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Letter: Republican traitors

It is past time to call the traitorous Republican Party to account. The sell-out of our nation to wealth and the corporations, combined with the willful destruction of our government agencies has already progressed too far. Every Republican member of Congress and the Senate has violated his/her oath of office. Not one of these shills/thieves serves the American people. They only serve the wealth that funds them. We saw what they do with that funding. They support the likes of Roy Moore and Donald Trump. A child molester and the sexual pervert who told the people of Alabama to elect him instead of an unholy Democrat. You can bet that those Moore voters are in church every Sunday drinking the Republican Kool-Aid. If you can’t see what is happening and you still support this fascist, criminal cabal, I think you are drinking it yourself.

The damage to our government that these disloyal, self-serving scum have done, will cost billions of dollars and years to repair. The damage to our nation’s reputation in the world will take far longer and more billions.

Not too many years back, an active, vocal traitor like Steve Bannon would have been arrested, tried and shot. If I thought for a moment that this nation still has the courage and intelligence to defend itself, I would immediately donate the bullet. Having watched the divided, confused, ill-educated electorate tolerate the behavior of Trump and his party as they desecrate our nation, I know, for sure, I can save the postage.

We have no mechanism in our legal structure to deal with a situation like this. One party, completely in power and ignoring the laws of the land. Trump should have been impeached months ago for his numerous acts of obstruction of  justice, but that’s hard to do when the Congress and the Senate are busily obstructing justice on their own, even as they rape the nation’s economics with this abomination of alleged “tax reform,” which is, in truth, simply out and out theft. I say, impeach every one of them.

R.W. “Doc” Boyle

New Castle

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