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Letter: Repurpose the airport

I attended the discussion group regarding the outcome of the Glenwood Airport and would like to comment on some of the issues surrounding its outcome. I have lived in the valley for 21 years, the planes originating from the airport fly over my house continually, often at altitudes low enough to read the lettering on the wings. I call these “strafing” runs — the pilots have earphones on so it matters little to them what they’re doing.

I understand the concern of Valley View hospital having another heliport for emergency medical situations, especially considering the small landing pad they have at the hospital. Why can’t the hospital designate some of the parking area toward a decent landing site? Maybe the neighbors in that area wouldn’t like it any more than those in Cardiff Glen.

I reject the idea that there is limited parking area at Garfield regional airport for the storage of planes if the Glenwood airport closed, they have ample space for expansion. With the housing shortage in Glenwood it makes sense to have the airport repurposed for that function. The airport has already had two airplane accidents crashing into the Cardiff neighborhood. It will only be a matter of time before another one happens. I vote to repurpose the airport into living space.

Philip Maass,

Glenwood Springs

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