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Letter: Residents want nothing to do with confluence development

The confluence is a rare jewel that provides beauty, recreation and especially water for many millions. What a treasure we have!

The 2% of our residents could not wait to propose massive development on our 12.2 confluence acres. Our previous city council obliged by setting up two committees who eventually decided on three major developers. Proposals from them included a Hyatt Regency hotel, a large convention center and related stuff, gobs of commercial and residential units and a bench. One proposal offered 410 residential units with acres of parking, plus 35,000 square feet of commercial and restaurants. Maybe they were just kidding! All this occurred in relative secrecy.

What was even more bizarre was our former two-time councilman, realtor Todd Leahy who was recently convicted of big time, long-term bid rigging, was on one of the committees!

Well, we the 98% of the residents want nothing to do with this madness. Do not ever forget — this is our land! We will fight this insanity just like we will fight any expansion of the limestone quarry.

This area is so special that much discussion and planning must occur with all our residents before a shovel is turned. And it must be voted on.
We have loads of time. These projects when completed last a very, very long time.

We need to take a long break and get back to the basics of taking care of our residents and fixing our miserable infrastructure. Thank you Councilman Hershey for your common sense.

Michael Hoban,
Glenwood Springs

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