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Letter: Resist Gorsuch

The editors of the Post Independent want the Democrats to play nice after the right refused to even vet Merrick Garland and Mitch McConnell then promised to leave the seat open for four more years if Hillary was elected.

From Day One, the truth- and ethics-challenged right has been working hard to tear down laws to provide clean air and water, promote coal and oil over clean energy, reduce our meager safety nets, reduce funding for already struggling agencies like EPA, FDC, USDA, CDC, Fish and Wildlife and the Humane Animal Oversight Committee, while placing unqualified people in the Cabinet who have promised to disassemble the agencies they are placed in charge of, even though the needs of the country and world for good governance and oversight increase with the population daily.

Soon we will all have the stench of sewage of the hurricane-ravaged North Carolina hog district and the tens of thousands of oil spills of the Dakotas to look forward to while the right takes the last cent of the chumps that voted them in to leave us like the homeless of Haiti. Maybe we will grow the smarts to vote out the kleptocrats and begin the reconstruction of responsible governance.

Until then I would say be mad as hell and resist the carnage of the right anyway we can.

John Hoffmann

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