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Letter: Resist quarry expansion

On April 25, the Post Independents article about the Limestone Quarry on Iron Mountain was very disturbing. The owners of the rock quarry are proposing an expansion of its operations.

The current site covers roughly 13 acres. Currently there are 20 daily truck loads coming onto Transfer Trail and into Glenwood on Highway 6 and finally onto I-70. They wish to expand their operation onto 260 to 300 acres of BLM land. The number of loads moving the rock out could grow to as many as 350 truckloads a day.

This is a city, not a BLM tract 30 miles away. Our roads will never be able to handle this, and our citizens’ quality of life will be destroyed. The only way this project could possibly go forward would be for the owners of the mine, “RMR,” to build a road leading away from town, into the Flat Tops and down to I-70 via a new on and off ramp.

Or, if they want to get their ore to the train, a bridge over Highway 6, and I-70 and over the river. Insanity. As this would cost millions or a billion dollars, the owners would never agree.

They are willing to destroy a chunk of our city to gain their millions and hire 40 more workers. Woohoo. Glenwood will never be able to recover the loss of beauty, peace and prosperity it has now. Watch out.

It is Garfield County; the county commissioners may just approve of this travesty. You’d better pay attention and never allow this ridiculous proposal to be approved. Watch out BLM.

How much of the American west has to be destroyed by the greed of corporate dreamers? Just visualize it people. Glenwood is at end of a gorgeous gorge and deserves to have the land around, and in, it protected. Resist.

Susan Anderson

El Jebel

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