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Letter: Respect goes both ways for bikers, drivers

I was stopped at a red traffic light, a bike slowed beside me, looked left, looked right and went through the red light. A trail crossing a traveled road has a clear stop sign on both sides, yet seven bikes ignored the sign and passed in front of me. I frequently see bikes clearly disregard and ignore posted signage, and transition from the sidewalk to the street and back as it suits them. I witnessed a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk almost get knocked down by a bike on the road, “State law, yield to pedestrians in crosswalk.” There is not a rule I have not seen a bike rider break.

Kirk Huyser’s opinion is spot on, (Post Independent July 23) “On the rules of the road page … in Colorado, bicyclists and motorists have the same rights and responsibilities when using public roads.” Huyser suggests that motorists visit a webpage to understand traveling the roads with bikes. I’d equally suggest bike riders do the same. I am lawfully and morally bound to the posted rules regarding our highways and roads, the simple reason I have very little respect for bike riders is that most of them that I encounter completely ignore these rules. On a recent trip up the Frying Pan Road to Ruedi, I encountered four bikes riding abreast on the road passing the sign that clearly says “share the road.” Respect goes both ways.

Gary Kirchberg,
New Castle

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