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Letter: Response to Stein column

Mr. Stein, I wanted to thank you for your article, “School Safety measures alone can’t prevent threat of gun violence” ( Post Independent: 2/23/18).

It was very informative. It’s the last paragraph that begins, ‘I’m tired of playing around,’ that caught my eye and left me concerned. In that paragraph you say, “I ‘hope’ that our elected officials will join the Florida shooting survivors in reconsidering their positions and join in sensible solutions to ending gun violence on children…”

I think that you may be missing exactly what the students, parents and survivors, from Florida and around the nation, are saying. As parents, as a society, and as Americans we owe much more to our children than “hoping” that our elected officials will act in a timely and effective manner. They can’t even agree on what day of the week it is.

It is past time that schools, school boards, school superintendents, etc., stop “hoping”and start demanding and implementing immediate changes, in our neglected mission, to safely protect a child that is simply trying to go to school in the morning.

I believe that you, as well as other school superintendents, must get together, circle the wagons and create an organized plan to secure our schools now. The psychopaths, that are killing our children, are home grown.

Maybe, before we spend billions of dollars on a border wall, our school districts, across the county, can unite and demand that those funds be immediately directed to securing our schools first and worry about reality of a wall later. Maybe, just maybe we can find some consensus on this issue, at this tragic time in our history.

Thank you for your time and efforts,

Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs

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