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Letter: Restored greatness

“Make America Great Again.” A simple phrase that has liberals climbing the walls. The reason Donald Trump won is because of the positive and optimistic message that simple phrase conveys.

The past eight years we’ve been scolded by President Obama and told that we are a bad country. Hillary Clinton called half the population “deplorable.” I don’t recall her ever having a positive thing to say during the campaign.

I am still offended by the comment “you didn’t build that” by Obama and others. When you consider that America is only 240 years old, and what we have accomplished compared to the rest of the world you can’t help but feel proud.

Trump has given us a glimpse of America being the country we once were, an America that built the Panama Canal, the Interstate Highway System, water plants, sewer plants and power plants. Whenever an earthquake, flood, wildfire or a hurricane occurs around the world, who is the first country there to help? No questions asked or repayment expected.

I don’t know if Trump will accomplish everything he wants to, but at least he believes he can, and I believe he can.

Ken Kriz
Glenwood Springs

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