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Letter: Reverse the tables

I call on the decent Americans of Jewish dissent to condemn the cowardice, hypocrisy and violence the nation of Israel perpetrates on the Palestinian people.

For 70 years, crying holocaust, Israel perpetrates a holocaust on the starving poor of Gaza and West Bank. Killing children and women by the thousands indiscriminately, stealing water, land, walling off orchards, instituting demeaning checkpoints, and debasing the original occupants of the land they claim for themselves rather than offer a state for Palestinians to govern and protect their own, as Israel wishes for itself.

The billions in military aid the U.S. has handed to Israel is a shameful inequity for our nation that believes in equality and should end immediately. I hope President wishy washy in the whine house bucks up and denies Israel the aid and instead arms the Palestinians to protect themselves from this highly armed nation of cowards.

Let Israel throw rocks and Palestine blow them away with ordinance, jets and missiles. Maybe then Israel and Palestine could come to the negotiating tables on egalitarian terms.

John Hoffmann


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