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Letter: Revisit recycling

I am writing in regard to where the city of Glenwood decided to relocate the recycling. For being a state big on recycling, we sure don’t show it.

I live at housing for senior and disabled, and we are very conscious of recycling, and someone has always taken it down to the recycling center while it was in Glenwood. Now, due to the recycling being so far away, there is no way to get it there.

Seriously, should we not be a town that is very observant of this or are we just going to turn and look the other way like many towns? Maybe the new City Council should revisit this subject again.

Glenwood takes some things way too seriously, and others we just don’t care enough. Such a big deal was made out of smoking downtown and yet it still happens, and when there was a meeting regarding the Ride Glenwood, it was scheduled on election night of City Council. We need to pull together as a community and try and keep this home of mine for over 40 years in good shape.

Michelle Vogel

Glenwood Springs

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