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Letter: RFTA allows employees to live in lower-cost areas

I am writing on behalf of the Hotel Colorado to ask for your consideration of voting “Yes” on Ballot Measure 7A. This is the mill levy increase ballot to help fund the continued service level of  RFTA. Please go to the RFTA website, http://www.rfta2040.com, for the complete picture of the master plan. 

The bottom line for us is that RFTA helps our employees. The cost of living is high in Glenwood, and the RFTA bus service allows people to live at a lower cost elsewhere and commute to work. The bus commute is effective because the service is safe, comfortable and dependable. People can enjoy the commute by listening to music, visit with seatmates, or read a book. The stress of driving plus the commuting costs of a private vehicle becomes a non-issue. Employees that are satisfied with the work experience, including the commute, help us as a hotel business to deliver excellent guest service. We also provide bus passes, which encourages less traffic on our roads, and eliminates an ancillary cost to employees. 

What happens if the community does not support the RFTA Ballot Measure 7A? Simply stated, the RFTA service level decreases. RFTA will not be able to replace its aging buses at a pace to maintain existing service levels. They will not expand into the downtown Glenwood zone with BRT service. They will not have half-hour cycle times. Excellent maintenance and repair of infrastructure will not be feasible.  

What is the price to us as a commercial property owner? Our property taxes will increase by $54.35 per month per $1M of actual property value. We believe that is a worthwhile cost to us as a business.   

Please vote “Yes” on Ballot Measure 7A for RFTA funding. We think it is the right thing to do.  

Norman Bacheldor,

Managing Partner, Hotel Colorado

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