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Letter: RFTA investment worth it

Vote "yes" for the RFTA mill levy question 7A. RFTA now carries over five million passengers per year. RFTA is the company most responsible for what we have achieved so far to reduce congestion in our rapidly growing valley. Imagine if all those passengers were driving! 

Without this mill levy, RFTA will be forced to cut 20 percent of its services to replace aging buses and purchase more electrical buses so we aren't inundated with one loud diesel bus after another. We ask a lot of RFTA. More service, reduced wait times, more parking, low fares, free wifi. And by the way, you need to do all that with clean, quiet electric buses, because we care about the environment.

RFTA wants to do it all. And, they have carefully calculated what it will take to meet demanding people like us. I have followed their decision-making for the last year. The process at which they arrived at this ballot proposal was thoughtful, inclusive, and fiscally prudent. What more can you ask for? Help them "give us what we want." Or, if you won't, then no more whining.

Maria Morrow