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Letter: RFTA makes life better for everyone

Whether or not you ride RFTA’s public transit system, it makes life better for everyone. Buses carrying more than 5 million rider-trips per year system-wide prevent our valley from time-consuming traffic congestion.

To maintain service excellence, and to expand bus schedules to meet the growing population, RFTA is asking voters to approve question 7A. 

It’s a 2.65 mill property tax with bonding authority, generating $9 million a year from Aspen to New Castle. 

RFTA’s most urgent need is replacing its aging bus fleet over the coming years. Diesel and CNG buses cost $500,000 to $750,000 each; quiet, clean electric buses cost about $1 million.

The Post Independent’s Oct. 18 article, “RFTA tax proposal: Supporters tout what’s in it for Glenwood, West GarCo,” summarized the many downvalley benefits in the 7A funding package. 

The article misstated the dollar amount, because of outdated figures provided by the 7A campaign. I’ll spare readers the explanation; suffice it to say the 7A tax would cost homeowners $6.75 per month, or $81 per year, for a home valued at $500,000. 

For Glenwood Springs, 7A offers exceptional value. RFTA will collect about $575,000 a year from city taxpayers. Improvements to local bus service alone will be worth three times that amount.

RFTA’s every-15-minute BRT buses will extend into downtown Glenwood Springs. BRT service will run on weekends year-round, and valley local buses will run much later in the evening, serving Grand Avenue and Highway 6&24 neighborhoods.

Grand Hogback buses from New Castle to Glenwood Springs will increase to every 30 minutes and for more hours every day, a big boost for flexibility of bus travel between the two towns.

Capital upgrades in Glenwood Springs will follow, including more parking at 27th Street, a downtown transit station and a $4 million contribution to the South Bridge project.

Please join me in voting “Yes” on 7A.

Heather McGregor

Glenwood Springs

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