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Letter: RFTA needs to mind tax money

Surely RFTA is not going to gamble with our taxpayers’ money by appealing the Sos case (2013CV30159) after two local district court judges and a local condemnation commission have ruled against them in all matters for the taking and damaging of Mr. Sos’ property. I understand that most (80 percent to 90 percent) of appeals are unsuccessful.

Court records available to review at the courthouse now show that Mr. Sos, the plaintiff, may be owed over $390,000, which, in addition to the commissioner’s award of damages, includes court costs, legal fees, engineering fees, expert fees and interest. If you add to that RFTA’s own legal fees and costs, RFTA will likely have spent well over a half million dollars on a claim for damages by Mr. SOS of $75,000.

If RFTA files for an appeal, then expect another $200,000 in expenses and legal fees, with RFTA having to reimburse the plaintiff for his fees and expenses.

Since federal tax dollars were used in this project, RFTA is not only liable for its own expenses and legal fees but also for those incurred by the plaintiff. These fees and expenses will start as soon as the appeal is filed.

RFTA should be looking out for the taxpayer and not pursuing lost causes. The RFTA board has the duty to watch out for our tax dollars. By the way, what about this million-dollar traffic study the board OK’d to find ways to tax us more?

Enough is enough.

Don “Hooner” Gillespie

Glenwood Springs

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