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Letter: RFTA needs Transit TV

It is most evident that bus riders who use the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority buses avoid public transit systems when they travel America.

Why do I state this? The RFTA Board and executives did not know about transit television on buses until in March 2016 I told them about Transit TV on Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Los Angles County, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Chicago environs had Transit TV airing on their buses.

Transit TV was a revenue-sharing source for public transit systems through television ad commercial sales revenue sharing agreements. An independent company owned and operated it at no cost to bus authorities.

Transit TV is an excellent way to generate a new money stream and promote economic and business development in RFTA geography. Remember a public transit system is meant to maintain and sustain a business-oriented economy and move its workers.

Over time I’ve talked extensively with two Aspen bankers about Transit TV on RFTA buses. They and other smart business executive like the idea. They see its great value of having a captured affluent consumer market, as well as the less affluent, to entertain and advertise to.

Premier commercial television advertising prices can be sold to salivating luxury business advertisers and marketers found in places like Denver, New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Tokyo.

Unlike the above-mentioned public transportation systems, where after many years Transit TV is gone, the RFTA ridership, especially during winter in Aspen and Snowmass Village, is perfect for it.

Anyone smart business executive, bus rider, government executive or taxpayer should want to hear me give a formal Transit TV presentation to the RFTA Board as soon as possible.

LA Metro gave me lots of Transit TV information, including their original contract for it.

Do you want RFTA sucking up more of your tax money and charging you higher fare prices or do you want some of that revenue sharing from a possible lucrative Transit TV system on RFTA buses?

The choice is yours. Do you want to hear me out at a RFTA board session soon? Or do you want to get shafted endlessly? What do you think?

Emzy Veazy III


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