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Letter: RFTA tax will only benefit special interests

Smart voters voted “no” on the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) mill levy and long-term bond issuance which overwhelmingly benefits Aspen and Pitkin County special interests including Henry Crown & Company, Aspen Skiing Co., CC Industries and bus manufacturer Gillig Corp. Here are just a few of RFTA’s bitter affects for the sake of endless Crown family fortune gains at the expense of American citizens and residential, retail and property owners:

1. Only the rich, like the Crowns, will have RFTA municipal bonds in their securities portfolios.

2. Aspen, Snowmass Village and Pitkin County will continue to keep their permanent populations and their public worker housing programs more than 90 percent white instead of having most of their Latino workers live and work in their environs.

3. Gillig Corp. has insider guaranteed, long-term production and revenue accounting streams.

4. Because of future RFTA, SkiCo, Aspen and Pitkin County housing policies placing more of their permanent and seasonal workers in places like Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, those locales will come under more control and influence by the Crowns and their downvalley satraps.

5. SkiCo or Alterra Mountain Co. more likely within 10 years will take over Sunlight ski resort.

Emzy Veazy

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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