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Letter: Richardson will get it right

The town of Carbondale is about to be a safer place to live and enjoy.

Mayor Pro-Tem Dan Richardson is working with law enforcement, RFTA and other town leaders to come up with a community plan for increased safety that is effective, sustainable and affordable. He understands that the best-laid plans take research, community outreach and some time. He is passionate about this issue and the town he loves.

Dan is level-headed and truthful. He is an intelligent, experienced and compassionate individual who will go the distance for a better Carbondale.

There will be many important changes and future decisions being made for Carbondale. I urge Carbondale residents to carefully consider your candidate for mayor. Integrity matters.

I would ask Mr. Cortez to please be more careful about misquoting his opponents in the future. YouTube reruns are an accurate source for the truth.

I am unable to vote in your election for mayor, but I care a lot about Carbondale and its future. If I could vote, Dan Richardson would be my trusted leader.

Nancy Williams

Glenwood Springs

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