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Letter: Rifle pedestrian safety

I grew up in Rifle and graduated from high school here. I now live in Michigan and am employed as a city engineer.

I visit my elderly parents every year and enjoy walking with my dad along West Second Street into downtown and back. I am very concerned not only for my dad but other pedestrians that walk along this street. The road is narrow, no sidewalk exists, the curves do not meet site distance requirements, and the speed of the vehicles is excessive. From my time here over the years I do not see much if any traffic enforcement.

An incident this month is cause for this correspondence. Due to a dog not being on a leash, my dad had to go across the street to avoid the dog,. A vehicle came around the corner doing at least 60. He just missed my dad and when told to slow down I got an earful of obscenities.

This is not the only instance of excessive speeds and unsafe conditions. I would ask that this area be studied for solutions and addressed.

Keith Whittington

Ishpeming, Michigan

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