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Letter: Rifle shooting blanks

What is going on with the city of Rifle? “They” are wanting to tear down city hall and build a new four-story building. Who would occupy the top two stories of this new monstrosity?

The city of Rifle wants to get into the real estate business by having the top two floors be “affordable housing.” Is the city of Rifle going to take over all the real estate business in this town? Are we becoming a socialist regime akin to communism?

City Hall only needs a bit of maintenance to be in excellent condition. We don’t need a new “Trump Tower” here. The city is already grossly over budget on projects and the taxes are going higher and higher. Flushing your toilet, washing your clothes, or taking a shower is high fee for using the sewer pipes.

What is the “life expectancy” of a city manager? This is the person who is qualified to advise about finances and projects. We have had two city managers and three pro-tem managers in the last short period of time.

When advertising for a city manager it should read as a “very temporary position.” The Chief of Police is the current CM pro-tem. Who is it causing the position to be so undesirable? Is it the council? Is it the mayor? Who? We deserve some answers.

Jan Walker



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