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Letter: Rocky Mountain Resources is throwing dirt

I just received a color (red, white, blue and black) piece of mail from the “Frontier Women’s Job Council” informing me that the president of the Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance had at one time made a derogatory comment about a woman. They show what appears to be a “tweet” from March 22 — they don’t specify what year — along with something from “Kyle Griffin” regarding Betsy DeVos. Also included were two quotes from “Colorado Peak Politics” that don’t appear to have anything to do with what is going on with the Citizens Alliance.

I “Googled” Frontier Women’s Job Council and came up with nothing. Colorado Peak Politics lists itself as “Colorado’s Conservative Bully Pulpit” and appears to be a gas and oil extraction mouthpiece. I’m just guessing, but it looks to me like our “good” neighbors at Rocky Mountain Resources are getting some help from the “big guys” to try and distract the people of Glenwood from the fact that they want to ruin the mountainside, fill the air with dust and clog the roads with trucks.

Anyway, it looks like RMR is doing what mining companies do best, throw dirt.

Stanley Trulock
Glenwood Springs

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