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Letter: Royal something, all right

Yes, I watched the Royal Wedding. Didn’t everybody? When these events come along, we Yanks love to compare ourselves to the Brits.

It’s especially fun to compare our respective “Royal Families,” their hereditary one to whomever occupies the position on this side of the water. 

As a fan of military history, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the cool dress uniforms worn by the groom and his best man. These were real uniforms of one of the most storied military establishments on the planet, not trig togs handed out to a rich kid at a military prep school.

The badges on the chests of the brothers represent very impressive accomplishments; they’re not medals handed out for making your bed and turning your mattress in the morning. William served in all three branches of the British armed forces, and qualified as both a fixed wing and helicopter search and rescue pilot. Harry is a combat helicopter jockey, as well as a combat infantry officer.

These gentlemen are the grandsons of the reigning head of state of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth. Their father will one day be king, and so will the eldest son. Their first career choice was to be Soldiers of the Queen, and both lobbied hard, vociferously, and, in Harry’s case, with some profanity, to be assigned to combat duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

So close your eyes for a moment and visualize Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka in Army Ranger uniforms.

Funny, neither can I.

Pat Dalrymple


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