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Letter: Run on your own merits

This letter is in response to the District 2 Democratic Party commissioner candidate, the Garfield County Democratic Party and their open records requests, reported in the Oct. 4 edition of the PostIndependent.

Really? Who is John Acha anyway? I did a search of that name on postindependent.com. Over the past year, the website returned exactly nine hits. This man has the temerity to request thousands of pages of documents relative to the decisions and positions of his opponent, Chairman John Martin, presumably to dig up dirt on Mr. Martin.

Come on, man. I have known John over 20 years. While I do not always agree with his politics, John is, without a doubt, the county commissioner who cares the most about Garfield County. John works tirelessly in his efforts to perform the duties of his job, performing the duties of an ombudsman, while actually caring about what he is accomplishing for Garfield County and all its citizens and businesses.

Politics, unfortunately, create animosities and hurt feelings. I suspect Mr. Acha has been put up to this transparent chicanery as the only way possible to be elected. Mr. Acha’s attempt at flinging as much mud against the wall as possible, a month before the election, is as infantile as it is telling.

Mr. Acha, perhaps you would be better off making a name for yourself through performing good deeds and a commitment to community service prior to running for elected office. Rather than attempting to sully the name of a good man through sheer innuendo who has earned the respect of most of his constituents and peers.

Eric McCafferty

Glenwood Springs

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