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Letter: Russia probe is sexual harassment

The subtext of all the current special council really has nothing to do with Russia, the world’s orphaned nemesis. It has to do with sexism.

Interesting that the special council is basing things on a FISA warrant, granted without vetted sources, and then recirculated using the same unvetted sources as “corroborating.” What a dog and pony show, since the Clinton campaign paid for this “trumped up” Russian sourced document.

Ironically, when proven guilty, Hillary may want to “cop out” and be forgiven, because, “she’s just a woman.” In the meantime, Trump could counter charge on the grounds of “bullying” his presidency.

To top it all off, wouldn’t all this fuss be eliminated if God made us all asexual, as in equal? Then sexual distinction/harassment would be moot.

Puritanism keeps raising its head in some form or another. Huh? Hillary. And what would your priorities be, if you had been president?

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction


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