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Letter: Russia’s not our friend

Perhaps the mightiest power that a U.S. president wields is the ability to tell us who are our enemies and who are our friends.

President Trump is asking the American people to believe that the European Union is now our foe, and Russia is our friend. Is anyone’s else’s head spinning?

And at a press conference with Russian president Putin on Monday, when directly invited to do so, Trump declined to side with his own intelligence agencies on the matter of Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Instead, he chose to accept Putin’s denial at face value.

Does this smell a little off to you?

You may like some of Trump’s policies, but are you prepared to go with him down the road of risking the integrity of our elections? Are you comfortable with a president who jeopardizes our relationships with long-term allies and NATO, while cozying up to a country that has invaded Crimea, supports a murderous regime in Syria and kills its political opponents?

And are you, like me, uneasy about whatever deal Trump might have struck with Putin during their private meeting, with no aides or notetakers present?

Country over party. Patriots, unite.

Dave Reed


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