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Letter: Sad to lose free PI e-Edition

I am sorry to see that you are discontinuing your free e-Edition. I read the paper version also, but it is the online version where I do my reading of advertisements, shopping and what is happening around town. 

Providing the online version seemed like the “green” thing to do, so thanks while it lasted. 

It has never run smoothly enough; freezing up, not enlarging the print, etc. to rationalize paying for the online version, so I will settle for the paper one in the future.

Ross Stepp


(Editor’s note: Effective March 1, the Post Independent e-Edition is moving to a subscription platform. The reasons are that this hosting service costs money; and, we work hard to produce good journalism, so this will help us continue with that mission. All Post Independent stories, as well as select sister CMNM publication and wire stories, will continue to be free on the main website, as well as in our print edition.)

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