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Letter: Sailors killed

With the current political climate dictating changing attitudes based on if you are lily white, or some other shade of human, I offer some information for consideration.

In the early hours of June 17, the USS Fitzgerald was in a collision with a container ship four times its size. Seven U.S. Navy sailors were tragically killed. Some of these seven men enlisted because of the service of their fathers and grandfathers. If we look at the names and the photos (Time July 3, 2017, page 14) it’s very easy to see the true cross-section of Americans that protect our freedoms, and populate our cities and towns.

The names and ages of the sailors killed are as follows: Noe Hernandez, 26; Xavier Martin, 27; Shingo Douglass, 25; Carlos Sibayan, 23; Dakota Rigsby, 19; Ngoc Truong, Huynh, 25; and Gary Rehm Jr. 37.

The diversity of those serving to protect us needs to be respected and observed in this tragic situation, just as we need to respect and observe the diversity of our neighbors in everyday life.

Brad Gates

New Castle

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