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Letter: Salvation Army questions

I find it very interesting that the bell ringers do not know that Salvation Army is a church. Can a person serve two masters? Where is the Salvation Church in Glenwood Springs?

Salvation Army is the only religion that has people from other religions work for it as bell ringers. I have not met a bell ringer that is in the Salvation Army faith. Can any tell me, where does the money go that is collected from Glenwood and Rifle by the Salvation Army? Most churches will tell you how much is collected each Sunday.

Does the Salvation Army do a report on the money collected and where does the money go? In my mind, I think it would be better to give money to LIFT-UP, Catholic Charity, Extended Table or your local church. The Methodist / Presbyterian church in Rifle lets Extended Table use its hall for meals for the poor. Catholic Charity will help most everyone, no matter what faith they are.

I like to see people helped. It may be better to give food. Money has corrupted a lot of people.

John Lepkowski

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