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Letter: Salvation Army’s good works

John Lepkowski’s letter would have been a great opportunity for the newspaper to write an article about the Salvation Army and other nonprofits that do so much to enhance basic life-sustaining support to many in our community. Together the nonprofits enrich the life of our community.

Our Salvation Army is not a faith-based church, as this letter asserts. It was started by a minister long ago, but it is not church based now in this century. It is an organization that helps those in need. And that is what it does right here in Glenwood Springs — it helps those in need with rent, utility payments, warm clothing and blankets, food, prescriptions and other needs.

The kettle drive is a sustaining foundation of the funding the Salvation Army uses all year long in this community. I suggest you go to the Salvation Army office to volunteer your time and learn what this remarkable organization does for the valley citizens 365 days a year, Mr. Lepkowski, and then you can speak from knowledge instead of prejudice.

Cheryl Cain
Glenwood Springs

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