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Letter: Save Glenwood from being another town that was once great

The massive new free market apartments on the west part of town are offensive and totally out of character for Glenwood.

The previous City Council approved these monsters with a majority of realtors, developers and engineers (on the 6&24 project). Both Planning and Zoning and city staff denied these projects. Council gave the developers carte blanche. Twelve major building codes were ignored, including height (27 feet over on 6&24 units), setbacks, open space and parking (1.5 spaces per unit 6&24 and none on Target units). Worst of all, no affordable housing units were required.

I believe 250 units are here now and more are coming. The impacts will be huge. Eight-hundred new people, 500 vehicles, traffic issues 24/7, schools, roads, services and a lot less smiles.

The tiny 1 bedroom units (500 square feet) will start at $1,800 per month. The 2 bedrooms will start at $2,800. Wow! The folks that most need them (fireman, teachers, etc.) will not be able to afford them.

This is Glenwood, not Denverwood. Our small town character is taking another big hit with only a small slice left.

We are not obligated to provide housing to the masses. Our job is to tenaciously hang on to what magic we have left. We need to save Glenwood from being another town that was once great.

We need a new master plan. One that supports the goals of our residents. One that demands slow, thoughtful, long-term growth. One that insists on quality, not quantity. One that promotes housing for our working and retired people. One that loves our environment, our open spaces and never ever forgets how fortunate we are to live here. We want a Glenwood that all generations are proud of.

Stop the damage, and remember, growth for growth’s sake is what cancer does.

Michael Hoban,
Glenwood Springs

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