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Letter: Save national monuments

The Chimney Rock Interpretive Association condemns a new bill in Congress misleadingly named National Monument Creation and Protection Act (H.R. 3990). It would limit future national monument designations. It stipulates that proposed monuments larger than one square mile go through a lengthy federal review in addition to local feedback. Conversely, it enables presidents to shrink existing monuments with no local input.

Rep. Scott Tipton, longtime advocate for Chimney Rock and public lands, notes how monuments boost local economies, tourism, spending, and jobs, as well as preserve cultural sites and public lands.

So we are confused and disappointed by his recent “yes” vote in the House Natural Resources Committee for this damaging bill.

The many positive effects of national monuments are indisputable. Tipton understands this. We urge him to be consistent with his past support by opposing this and other assaults on national monuments.

Danyelle Leentjes

Administrative director, Chimney Rock Interpretive Association

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