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Letter: Save Obamacare

I want members of Congress to reconsider repealing Obamacare. I would be one of the first to lose my health insurance if Obamacare is rolled back. Under the ACA, I have been able to repair a couple of broken teeth, replace a partial denture and have a potentially dangerous melanoma diagnosed and excised. I receive regular dental check-ups and enjoy the daily peace of mind that having health coverage brings.

There are millions more like me.

I drive a school bus. It’s my responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of my community’s children on their daily trips to school and back home again. It’s a part-time job that starts early and ends late, doesn’t pay a lot and comes with no benefits.

Obamacare may not be perfect, but it is a practical and comprehensive answer to a dysfunctional for-profit health care system that denied treatment to many Americans and bankrupted others. It is at least a step in the right direction.

Replace repeal with an earnest effort to refine and improve health care for all. Please don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Millions of American lives depend on it.

Marilyn Gleason
New Castle

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