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Letter: Save the art center

For the last three years, I have worked for Mountain Valley Developmental Services. During this time I have seen firsthand the impact the Glenwood Center for the Arts has had on the folks I work with.

Twice a week a group of our adults go to an art class with Terrie. Terrie has an amazing relationship with our folks. Watching them work together it is clear that she loves them as much as they love her. The joy they feel after one of her classes is palpable throughout our building as they return from class and show off their newest art pieces.

The art center and any art community give people a safe place to be different and unique. That’s what MVDS and the art center have in common. At MVDS being different isn’t just accepted, but embraced and encouraged, this same outlook can be found at the art center.

The art center will be a huge loss to not only Mountain but the entire valley. Glenwood deserves to have a place where people can go and genuinely be themselves. I encourage each of the readers to try and save the Center for the Arts. And if the center does continue, take a class, and give yourself the opportunity to see the talent you didn’t know you had.

Samantha Freese

New Castle

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