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Letter: Saving Redstone?

A local businessman has purchased the Redstone Castle and is going to save the town of Redstone.

It’s great! The castle property is going to be a special events venue with concerts, conventions and weddings.

But what about the noise, traffic and negative impact on area property owners? Doesn’t matter, we need to save the town of Redstone.

The castle owners found there was a problem with the zoning for special events status. Pitkin County P&Z Board was having a meeting to fix this.

I attended the meeting. Local political movers and shakers and small property owners were present. It seems the castle is zoned AR 2, which strictly prohibits special events. The board approved amending the problematic language.

It impacts all AR 2 zoned property of a certain size in the county, not just castle property.

Of course, other AR 2 property owners don’t know it, nor do the people that live near them. Reason? We don’t have to tell them, yet. Oh, well, gotta save Redstone.

I must say, I was taken aback by some of the public comments made by proponents.

Things like, “You know Mr. So and So, and he thinks it’s great”; of course there is a letter on file that states the opposite.

“The feeling of excitement about this change was palpable throughout the Crystal River Valley.”

In my neighborhood some people are feeling nauseous.

“The castle’s current inactivity was causing Redstone’s decline.”

Guess they forgot about the recession.

“These changes will revitalize commercial Redstone.”

There are three properties in Redstone for sale. There is no space and few businesses to revitalize. Concert/wedding/convention attendees will be shuttled on and off castle property. They may never set foot in Redstone proper or spend a dime.

My takeaway from all of this: Big money talks, the county listens. Special interests will make money. Area wildlife and residents will pay the price with noise, traffic and their quality of life.

Doesn’t matter, we gotta save Redstone.

Joe Gates


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