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Letter: Say it: Nazis are bad

I was disappointed to see no coverage in this paper of Rep. Scott Tipton’s pitiful response to the Nazi rally and terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend.

While Trump was widely pilloried for taking several days to come out with a statement condemning white supremacy and Nazism, Tipton still has not done so. Instead, all Tipton could muster was a weak reply posted on Twitter saying that there is “no room for violence,” but he has refused to explicitly condemn Nazis, the KKK or domestic terrorism.

Many of Tipton’s GOP colleagues, including Sen. Cory Gardner, have strongly condemned Nazis and distanced themselves from white supremacists. Condemning Nazis should not be hard to do. Why is it a difficult political decision for Tipton to say that Nazis are bad?

Andy Zack


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