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Letter: Saylor for president

Hear ye, my fellow forkers of the roaring variety. Let us not get our boxers in a bunch over this circus of irrelevance, aka the presidential election. In the words of Frank Zappa, “Politics is the Entertainment Division of the Military Industrial Complex.”

And no need to fret over Trump. Nothing significant will change with either of these candidates. The system won’t allow it. The central bankers and multinational corporations are running the show, and the politicians are merely puppets.

Our problems are systemic. They’re built in to our infinite growth and consumption economy. And this is what should seriously bunch up those boxers. Infinite growth? What are we thinking?

So I’m running for president. Not to win, just to paint the picture of a sustainable socioeconomic system in the future. It’s where we have to go: Post-scarcity, global collaboration, clean energy, organic food, technical efficiency with automated production, get rid of meaningless jobs (especially the ones that produce nothing but numbers), and a 10-hour work week.

Yes, this is possible now, and I elaborate with vivid detail in my videos. Seriously. Just type “steve saylor for president” and watch as I deal harshly with the reality of our outdated economic monstrosity, using science and logic to dissect the bloated beast with uncanny precision. Or something like that. Then again, we could just continue to prepare for WW III and environmental collapse, which is what we’ll get with either of these human facades.

Remember, it is the game itself with the fatal flaws. A system that’s based on using up our resources as fast as we can, just to have more crap to sell? And then throw away? What are we, nuts?

Steve Saylor

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