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Letter: Schwartz for Congress

I have hunted on national forest lands around the Spanish Peaks area and elsewhere with my son and family for over 45 years. My great-grandmother was born in the area in 1892. Many of the people and families have lived in these mountains well before the national forests were established. There is no question that the hunting, outdoor recreation, wood cutting, grazing and fishing is the foundation for the lifestyle and the economy on these public lands, as well as in other parts of Colorado.

Congressman Scott Tipton has sponsored a number of bills that will transfer or sell our public federal lands to the state of Colorado or private corporations, and this is unacceptable. Gail Schwartz understands what is at stake for Coloradans and has worked with rural Colorado to improve the schools, protect our water, helped with economic programs and local jobs, secured and improved habitat for wildlife and fisheries on these lands. She has become part of the local heritage. I will vote for Gail Schwartz this fall because the future of Colorado depends on her.

John Litherland


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