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Letter: Scientific consensus

Re “Global warming denier?” (7/9): This letter says that my previous letter asserted that “only one climate scientist out of 1,000” is a climate denier. Actually it’s fewer than 1 in 69,000 climate scientists. Last year, a new study by the National Physical Science Consortium of every peer-reviewed climate-science paper published, worldwide, in the past two years — 24,000 papers by more than 69,000 climate scientists — showed that 100 percent of them concurred with AGW.

The handful of “scientists” who are climate “skeptics” are all secretly funded by fossil fuel corporations (Union of Concerned Scientists). The National Academy of Sciences says there’s over 97 percent scientific consensus on AGW. Ever wonder about the other 3 percent? They’re all funded by the fossil fuel industry (desmogblog.org, one of TIME’s Top Ten Blogs.)

The “denier” letter also asks if CO2 emissions or Armageddon is the bigger threat to humanity.

Well, we can’t do much to prevent Armageddon, but transitioning to clean energy would end the existential threat of global warming, if we do it quickly.

We’re fast approaching the tipping point that would cause runaway global warming, destroying all life on Earth (Nature, the world’s most highly-cited peer-reviewed science journal). Scientific American: “Have We Passed the Point of No Return on Climate Change? Greenhouse gas cuts must begin soon or it could be too late to halt global warming.”

The National Academy of Sciences says climate change poses “the most immediate and important threat to human survival.”

Most people don’t realize this because scientists’ warnings are drowned out by the fossil fuel industry’s clandestinely funded propaganda from their denier-for-hire “scientists.” This pseudoscience tells people global warming isn’t real/isn’t manmade/isn’t dangerous (Scientific American “Dark Money” and “How to Make Friends and Bamboozle People About Climate Change”).

We can stop global warming before it’s too late and make the vast majority of Americans better off financially. Just tax fossil fuels out of existence and give all the tax money to the taxpayers (citizensclimatelobby.org). It’s worked in British Columbia for eight years. See the volunteer Citizens Climate Lobby website to see how it works.

Pete Kuntz


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