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Letter: See clearly and react

The more I watch the orange one, the more I realize that he’s here to benefit the fabulously wealthy, global elite. His job is pandemonium and mayhem, enslaving blocks of people to Make America Great Again.

We can see other enslaved countries like China, much of Asia, Singapore, Russia, the Baltics, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and many African countries. Anywhere folks cannot make enough to step out of an oppressive work/life routine. What is the use of having slaves if you have to feed, clothe and house them?

We are born to this earth as sparks of grateful awareness, happy to be me. Our job is to understand what is happening, whether it is being stalked by a tiger or being manipulated by the powerful.

All we can do is see clearly and react appropriately. Sign petitions, send money to lawyers, unite to speak truth to power. Do protect the voting system and vote. Know that even if we poison ourselves off the planet the earth will heal and we will return in an eon with gratitude, wisdom and truth. What is time to the timeless?

John Hoffmann


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