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Letter: Selective memory

It seems some letter writers have selective memories when composing their letters. For example, it seems Carl Heck has forgotten about the person that was in the White House from 1993-2001.

According to many websites including the always liberal CNN, “at least 14 women claimed to have been inappropriately propositioned or flatly sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. According to other sources, there are a number of others that claimed to have been threatened or had their character assaulted after the incident took place. Scum can have a D or an R by it, and the faster the American people learn that 99.9 percent of the national politicians are dirty, and the sooner our media outlets including the Post Independent start practicing journalism and not simply act as a mouthpiece for one party or the other, America will become much better off.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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