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Letter: Self-centered resource waste

After reading David Ludlam’s opinion regarding natural gas drilling in Colorado, I feel obligated to respond. It amazes me how organizations like his exist, basically, to promote continued extraction and use of non-renewable resources.

Of course natural gas is a valuable commodity with many uses. For that very reason it needs to be conserved and protected at all cost. We are part of the 20 percent of the world population that consumes 80 percent of its resources.

How, as he says, extracting more gas from the Piceance Basin is going to feed and elevate the world’s poor is beyond me. On the contrary, our obligation to the world’s poor is to stop squandering (and promoting the use of) such a valuable resource. Heating driveways, empty mansions and outdoor fire pits are just some examples of waste.

The Third World isn’t poor because we are not producing enough natural gas. Selling our limited supply of this resource internationally is something we can live to regret. Russia has five times the reserves of our country.

Finally, he states that he does this for his children. When they are paying three to four times more to heat their homes with a dwindling supply they may not be very thankful. Future generations will look back on us amazed at how self-centered we were, wasting the resources that should have been saved for them.
Jerry Krebs
Glenwood Springs

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